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Sunday, February 9, 2014

February already, where did last season go???

So it's February already and #playfootball is the theme from the FFA this weekend, so I figured it's time to dust off the blog and do a update on all things Kanga related and start to generate some buzz for Kanga '14.

Firstly Big changes in referees management but with a familiar face taking over from Allyson Flynn at Capital Football.

Alasdair Grocock (presenting at Finals last year) is moving from Competitions Manager to Referees Development Manager position, so would likely take over management in some form of Kanga Cup 2014 and the Academy.  Alasdair has been involved with Kanga Cup for years and you might remember him as our driver last year, presenting awards at the Finals and otherwise doing lots of tireless work behind the scenes.  Over the years his been involved in most aspects of Kanga Cup and always been a great friend to the referees and coaches visitng.  Official Capital Football press release here
Congratulations on the appointment Alasdair, big job ahead of you and a great decision by the CF management.  I'll wait a few weeks before I start bugging you with emails about this years program!!

So where's Allyson Flynn gone?  After 18 months in the RDM role, Allyson has moved back to practicing Physiotherapy and is working in clinical practice at Canberra Uni, supervising students and loving the work.  Her refereeing career continues to go from strength to strength and was recognized in November as AFC Women's Assistant Referee of the Year in a star studded event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  Hopefully we get some time with Allyson this year for stories of rubbing shoulders with the elite footballers of Asia (pardon the pun), provided she's not overseas refereeing in AFC events.

Ben Williams was also recognized as AFC Referee of the Year and has subsequently followed up with appointment to the World Cup in Brazil, along with his team Matthew Cream and Hakan Anaz.  Ben took time out of his Olympic Games experience last year during Kanga '13 to send supportive messages for the Academy and has been a great supporter / guest speaker at Kanga Cup for years.
Congratulations Ben, Matthew and Hakan and you'll be missed from the speakers list again this year, but we'll excuse you with a post card from Brazil.

Kanga 2012 (Ben Williams Centre)
Around the Grounds
Other newsworthy updates and gossip since last year .....

Owen Goldrick, Canberra (guest speaker 2013, Kanga '07) continues to produce strong performances on the  Aleague as Assistant Referee and recognized by Capital Football Nick Szego Referee's Referee Award

Dylan Lambert, Brisbane (Kanga '12) had a big year in 2013.  After appointments at NTC Challenge Dylan is now on the NYL panel and has been AR locally for Brisbane Roar Youth games, plus receiving recognition from Football Brisbane at the Awards night (cannot remember the awards name, sorry Dylan)

Daniel Olsan, Brisbane (Kanga '12) also had a strong 2013, performing strongly in seniors for Football Brisbane and winning Referee of the Tournament (U/13) for National Youth Championships

Joey Lee, Brisbane (Kanga '10) attended National Youth Championships

Mitch Clark, Sydney (Kanga '12) attended National Youth Championships

Sam Clark, Albury Wodonga gets a special mention as I coached / mentored him 08-09 when the GNERA teamed up with the young up and comers north of the Victoria boarder to support the initial FFV Summer League - Brilliant to see Sam doing well from a tough regional spot

Jeremy Ferguson, NZ (Kanga '13) earned Level 4 NZ Badge and recognized by Auckland Football Best Youth and Most Improved Local Senior Referee

John Shaw, Canberra (Kanga '13) recognized by Capital Football with the Gordon Carmichael Junior Encouragement Award

Jose Izurieta, Canberra (Kanga '13) recognized by Captial Football with the Senior Molnar - previously awarded for Canberra Locals as the Best Local Referee at Kanga Cup.  I'm not certain who else has won the Molnar, but certain the list is impressive and means Jose has bigger expections for his development

Nic Gillies, Canberra (Kanga '12-13) attended NTC Challenge

Where Are They Now?

And lets not forget our older Kanga Alumni....

Darren is holding the ball, who are these other guys?
  • Darren Quinlan, Brisbane, Bail, GC, Iran (Kanga '05-'09) is returning to his loving family at Football Brisbane after a year missing in action on the Gold Coast - they'll be thankful for the lowered red card rate, watch out BPL teams - rumour has it he was last seen at training last week!!!
  • Who made his debut on Aleague as Assistant Referee this season and upset Graham Arnold (not that it's difficult to do)?

Kanga '10 David (centre), Sam (2nd from right)

Sam Murphy, Brisbane / Lismore (Kanga '10) is behind the scenes at SMG Australia, working with Brisbane Roar in all things matchday, regularly seen at NYL and Aleague fixtures in Brisbane.  Nice to have connections to the occasional free ticket - thanks Sam

David Snape, Brisbane (Kanga '10) has returned from the mines and back with Football Brisbane, had the pleasure of Assisting him on a Grand Final last year.

And finally, big prize to anyone who can identify this young Kanga Cup Alumni - his style is still the same

If you had a big end to season 2013 and would like to share / update everyone, feel free to comment and I'll update the blog.  Self promotion isn't vanity for referees, it's sometimes needed to ensure you're noticed and promoted accordingly to the next level.  That may mean moving from juniors to senior games, up a panel, ensuring your getting assessed and coached or just receiving positive, constructive feedback and mentoring from your coaches locally.  It does take time, perseverance, the desire and skill to "step up" to that next level, but sharing your achievements along the way helps you stay focused on where you've been and where you want to go.

Kanga Cup has been and will continue to be a place to "get noticed" and in future posts I'll attempt to continue to highlight those that have taken their opportunity at Kanga and have achieved high levels in the beautiful game.  Any anyone who is willing to share their story I'd be happy to post it here to help motivate other officials just starting out.

That's Full Time here, it's late and I've run out of gossip and cute pictures.

Until next kickoff,